Principal’s Welcome

VISION: Tongala PS will provide high quality education in a safe, supportive and engaging learning community that leads to all students achieving their potential.

Welcome to our Tongala Primary School webpage. You can also visit our facebook page for recent events, happenings and information.


Tongala Primary School is located in the rural town of Tongala in Northern Victoria approximately 200km north of Melbourne. We have a currently have 150 students from Foundation to Year 6.

 The school is in the development of creating a new 4 year strategic plan. The previous strategic plan has focused on improved teaching and learning, with a focus on Mathematics and Literacy, and incorporating the Victorian Curriculum in all learning areas, along with greater parent participation. Our student growth also led us to be eligible for a Multi-Purpose Room, which provides additional space for many activities.

Staffing consists of a Principal, seven full time class teachers, 0.8 Wellbeing Officer,  0.8 Reading Recovery/PE teacher,  0.6 Library and 3/4 support teacher along with three ES staff in classrooms and 1.2 office staff.

Tongala Primary School’s enrolment includes approximately 7% indigenous students (11 students), 3% with EAL backgrounds (4 students) and 3% receiving funding through PSD (4 students) and one student receiving funding through TAC.

To manage student diversity we have a Student Wellbeing Officer and a Pastoral Care Officer who works with students and their families. Students also take part in the Solving the Jigsaw Program which is a school based early intervention program to assist the community to address violence and bullying. A Breakfast Club runs two days a week allowing students to meet and eat before school and snacks and lunches are provided as needed every day.

The new school building was completed in 2013 under BER funding. It provides flexible open spaces and incorporates a range of digital technologies including Interactive Whiteboards in all learning spaces, digital cameras, computers, video cameras, netbook computers and access to the internet. Students are able to bring their own devices to use at school if they choose.

Through the student leadership program students are involved with the running of school assemblies and represent the school at community events throughout the year. We also have House Captains elected by the students who have responsibilities around sporting and special events and organizing lunchtime activities for students. Year 6 students have a buddies program with Foundation students to ensure they feel safe and valued at school. Part of the year 6 leadership program sees the students taking an active role in the community through the running of services for the RSL on ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, Legacy and Beersheba Day. Students regularly visit Tongala Aged Care to spend time with the residents and are strongly linked to work with the Lions Club for Public Speaking Competitions and a Scholarship program.

Transition at Tongala Primary School is very comprehensive and takes into account all levels of transition. Kinder to Foundation transition occurs throughout the year with students visiting the kinder and the local kinders visiting school. Throughout term 4 transition sessions operate every week with pre-school children coming to work in the classroom for the last session of the day. Year 6 to 7 transition sessions are organized by the Secondary Colleges and involve information sessions, hands-on learning activities and familiarization tasks. Students requiring additional transition visits are catered for by Tongala Primary School to ensure they are confident as they leave us and go on to the next level of education. Transition between grades occurs throughout the year with multi-aged activities and other organized experiences.

Our grounds are expansive and consist of two playgrounds with various equipment, two ovals, an undercover asphalt area, a synthetic basketball court and a large environmental area. These spaces are used by the students at recess and lunch and as part of their academic learning at times.

Staff are constantly developing their own capacity through undertaking relevant Professional Development, both internally and externally. These sessions relate directly to school needs and priorities and aim to support the academic and emotional development of our students.

Please feel free to contact the school for more information.

Rob Hogan